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Granola and 6 interesting ways to eat it

Updated: Aug 6, 2021

If you are one of those people who love their breakfasts or snacks to be fast and easy to prepare, then granola is something that you should have in your kitchen.

It’s for that guy who dreams about a healthier body and that athlete who wants to run even more than the day before. It’s for that child who has to eat in the morning but hates boring food and for that girl who is on the go and wants something healthy and easy to make.

So here we’ve put together some of our favourite granola pairings. We love them even more cause we’ve tried them using the flavours in our Zoey’s All Natural Oats and Quinoa Granola range.

Zoey's all natural granola basket

Granola & Salads

Add a granolas mix to your salads to give it that extra bit of crunch. So whether it is Strawberry Spinach salad or a Moroccan Carrot salad, add a handful of our savoury Indian Spiced Oats and Quinoa Granola for that zesty twist.

Zoey's all natural granola and salad pairing

Bananas & Granola

Sounds odd? But this simple dish is yummy and makes a fun and healthier morning snack. Just roll a banana in a plate of sweet granola and keep it in your freezer. Give it a few hours and you then have a delicious fun snack.

Zoey's all natural sweet banana and granola breakfast or dessert

Acai & Granola

Love superfoods? Then you probably already have a box of Acai stocked up in your kitchen cupboard. Add a handful of granola for that extra boost of nutrients and antioxidants. May we suggest the Zoey’s All Natural Coffee Oats & Quinoa Granola flavour.

Zoey's all natural acai and granola pairing

Granola & Muffins

Love Strawberry muffins or those yummy banana and blueberry muffins? If you want that extra nutty and crunchy texture then all you need is a few handfuls of the Zoeys All Natural Chocolate, Hazelnut and Sea Salt Oats & Quinoa Granola flavour.

Zoey's all natural granola and muffins

Peanut Butter Granola Bread

Peanut Butter bread is yummy by itself. But try adding a small bowl of our Peanut Butter Oats and Quinoa Granola to the bread mix before baking it and get that crunchy bite with every mouthful of warm bread.

Zoey's all natural peanut butter and granola bread

Granola French Toast

For those of you who can’t do without eggs for their breakfast. French toasts make every egg breakfast a lot more interesting. Now imagine the taste with a sprinkle of the Zoeys All Natural Original flavour Oats and Quinoa Granola on top of your toast. We’re quite sure your mornings will not be the same after that.

Zoey's all natural granola and French toast


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