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Chia Seeds

Chia Seeds


Zoey’s All Natural | Chia Seeds


Chia is an ancient Mayan word for strength. Yup, people have been using Chia seeds and all the goodness that comes with it for generations now. 


These tiny lil seeds have only recently come into the mainstream for their health benefits and health purveyors have been calling it a superfood.


Chia Seeds: Health Benefits


  • Helps with chronic inflammation

Unhealthy eating habits and a lack of exercise often leads to chronic inflammation. Chia seeds are anti-inflammatory and that means adding them to your diet helps fight cancer and other illnesses like heart disease. 


  • Helps reduce blood sugar

Chia seeds can stabilize blood sugar and improve insulin sensitivity. This reduces the chance of spikes and crashes sometimes experienced after meals. This is of great help to diabetics.


  • Good for bone health

This superfood is packed with nutrients like phosphorus, protein and calcium. And it’s the calcium in chia seeds that help your bones. Studies have shown that bone health and density were improved when the diet was supplemented with chia seeds.


  • Can reduce heart disease risk

Chia seeds can influence blood pressure levels and lead to better heart health. 


  • Contain beneficial fatty acids

Chia seeds are considered the best plant-based source of ALA or alpha-linolenic fatty acids.


  • May help with weight loss

This superfood is packed with protein and fiber and this is why they are known to be helpful with weight loss. Protein is known to reduce appetite and leave you feeling satisfied, which means less snacking on potentially unhealthy foods. The fiber in chia seeds can also help you to feel full.


  • High in antioxidants

Antioxidants are key cancer-fighting components in food. They fight free radicals, which cause damage to cells, proteins, and DNA. With chia seeds being high in antioxidants, it is a good idea to keep a handful of it around all the time. 




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